Hello! If you’re here, it probably means I decided to write about gender, sexuality, race, or some other minefield of a subject. All of the below is true for everything I write, but it’s important to make it explicit out for certain topics.

  • An individual blog post cannot address every subgroup or nuance. Unless I want to make this blog (more?) completely unreadable, articles must have word limits and subject limits. This article focuses on ____, the rest of the universe outside ____ is not addressed but still exists.
    It is possible to draw inappropriate boundaries that exclude things that are central to ____. Please call me on that shit if I do it. It is also possible to talk about one aspect of a thing at a time. I am not denying the existence of things I’m not talking about. I’m just not talking about those things today.
  • I am writing from my own perspective. What other perspective could I possibly write from, right? Some people may find my perspective trite or irrelevant to their interests, and that’s OK.
    If you’re not interested in reading a white-passing person’s views on race, for example, or a cis-ish person’s musings on transness, that’s your right as a person. You should exit this blog and find another blog that features writing from the identity group you are interested in. The Internet is a gigantic place and there are tons of websites where people can set up a blog for free. This blog, which no one reads anyway, is stealing neither attention nor time from those other people unless you let it. Close the blog, find what you’re looking for elsewhere.
  • Sometimes I will be wrong. These issues are evolving and ongoing and deeply complex; it is inevitable that I’ll mess up. I’m honestly sorry about that. I want to know about it. I’ll try to fix it. I might not see your point immediately, I might argue about it with you. If that’s emotional energy you don’t want to expend, I understand that too.

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