A human person, mostly, with opinions. This blog is where I write those opinions. For the low, low price of [domain name purchase + hosting], you too can project your thoughts and feelings into the screaming void of the Internet.

My opinions have changed a lot over the years. They’ll probably keep changing. If you think I’m wrong, the comment box eagerly awaits your thoughts and feelings. Or you can write and tell me what you think.

(Or, close this browser window and live your life; I’m not the boss of you.)

I don’t have answers. I’m not connected to any kind of deep or ancient wisdom. I’m not as educated, well-read, or experienced as I’d like to be. If I wait until I know everything to write, I’ll be dead. I’m writing what I think I know, which is all anyone can do.

It’s a blog. Take what you want, throw away the rest.